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2nd December - Christmas Trends for 2023

It is the most wonderful time of the year and time to get the decorations down from the loft and the house looking festive.

But how best to get on trend décor, save money, set up festive traditions for your family and have a Christmas to remember?

Christmas Trends for 2023
Christmas trends change year-to-year as we are all well aware but usually there is some cross-over, not this year.
The biggest trends for festive décor in 2023 are two polar opposites.

- The Scandi Christmas; think candles, furs (faux or real!), knitwear, natural colours such as linens, greenery, raw woods and muted silvers.
A linen runner, worn silver or turned wood candlesticks, pinecones and holly sprigs are what you need for a Scandi-inspired table centre.

You can achieve this look with ease throughout the rest of the house; forage some evergreens and pare back the most glitzy Christmas
decorations (dodge the tinsel!) it is ideal to embrace this alongside a more eco-friendly Christmas, it will pair incredibly with brown paper wrapped presents,
jute string and natural toned ribbons.

In summary; Hygge is the word! “taking time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about” so crack open the gingerbread,
get the kettle on and snuggle up for a cosy Scandi-Christmas.

- The Vibrant Christmas; think glamour and glitz, glitter baubles in a whole rainbow of candles, traditional nutcrackers in their neon best,
multi-coloured fairylights and even whole coloured Christmas trees (blue is going to be big!).

You can achieve this look by having a wild combination of colours and hues on your tree, neon pink, gold, royal blue, acid green.
For your mantlepiece or table centre look out for Nutcrackers and repaint them in neon or glow in the dark paint, fill wine bottles with multi-coloured
LEDs and combine with a full length rainbow runner.

- The Alternative Christmas; there is a third option of course – your Christmas! Your cherished baubles, your Christmas tree, your children’s
painted decorations, the inherited candlestick or nutcracker, the Christmas stockings made by your gran.

Trends may change but your Christmas traditions – precious to you don’t need to! What could be more eco-friendly than reusing your favourite things every year?

The Dining Table
The heart of Christmas; whether groaning under Christmas dinner, spread with Boxing Day buffet or surrounded with people for NYE supper, but what does an ideal
dining table look like?

The ideal table is one which is the right size at the right time, durable and with space for everything!

The Masy table has a wide range of modern sleek finishes, in minimalist monochrome whites and greys, matt and gloss and concrete effect! Style aside the Masy tables
conveniently extend from 120cm (perfect for a cosy NYE dinner for four) right up to 160cm (with space for eight for a full house for Christmas dinner).

There is no need to worry about scratches or damage with all that cutlery and crockery on the top, the tables come with a durable scratch-resistant finish to ensure that
your table gives years of longer service! Most importantly at Christmas the Masy table is a decent 80cm deep giving space for a table centre all through December and a
whole buffet of Boxing Day leftovers!

DIY Decorating
Christmas can be expensive, so what about a way to economise, be environmentally friendly, have family fun and get outdoors?
DIY decorations are not only all the above but a beautiful festive tradition to build into a wet December weekend!

Greenery is easy to find for table centres, mantlepieces, vases around the house and wreathes. Go for a combination of holly, ivy, evergreen branches/boughs from firs
and pines and even dried teasles and pinecones. Then you can;
- Spray teasles/pinecones gold or silver for bursts of colour.
- Tie together greenery in a vase with a festive ribbon
- Bend a wire coat hanger into a loop, bulk out with willow or apple thin branches and attach your foraged greens for a makeshift wreath.
- Cut slices of orange and place them in a cool oven to dry to add a delicious smell to your decorations!

Take thin branches, cut them to 15m lengths, dry them out and tie together to make easy stars to cluster against white walls, these can also be painted,
or glitter covered to add some pizzazz!

Paper decorations are the ultimate in low cost, low environmental impact decorations – there are dozens of step-by-step guides online to make 3D baubles,
origami stars and Christmas trees!

Display Units (ambient lighting)
Christmas is not just a chance to decorate the tree and dining table. Change up your display cabinets with your most precious and fragile Christmas decorations to ensure
wow factor with no worry.

The Balin slim display cabinet is perfect for this role; it’s LED Lighting providing additional ambient lights to complement the glow of the Christmas trees or flicker of candles.
The safety glass shelves and doors are not only impact resistant but also give the cabinet an open feeling to maximise space in any room.

Why not fill yours with a large bowl of matching baubles, crystalline glasses or a vase of LED lights for an extra warm glow.

We do hope that this helps you get into the festive feeling, with a beautifully decorated home in time for hosting this Christmas!

Watch this space for some of our favourite Christmas bakes, desserts and decorating, what would make our Christmas lists and why and see the
chaos unfold as our Impact Elves get into mischief in the warehouse as part of our Impact Furniture Advent.

We’d love to see your decorations if you have been inspired by our blog – share them with us on our Social media!

21st November - National Gingerbread Day!

Today is National Gingerbread Day, to celebrate here is Matt from Customer Service's famous gingerbread recipe. This is a lovely gingerbread which he painstakingly created by

trial and error, you can make the finished gingerbread lighter by using light

brown sugar and golden syrup or darker using dark brown sugar and treacle.

Matt’s Gingerbread Recipe

350g Plain Flour
1Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
2Tsp Ground Ginger
1 Tsp Cinnamon
125g Softened Butter
175g Soft Bown Sugar (Dark or Light)
1 Free Range Medium Egg
4 Tbsp Treacle (Golden Syrup can be used instead)

1. Sift flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon into a mixing bowl
2. Cube the butter, add to the mixing bowl and rub in until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs
3. Preheat the oven to 180° / Gas Mark 4
4. In a separate bowl beat together the egg and treacle
5. Stir the sugar through the dry mix, then the egg/treacle mix until the dough clumps.
6. Knead briefly, roll the dough in the baking paper and chill for 15 minutes – while the dough is chilling line a baking tray with baking paper or a silicon baking sheet
7. Flour a surface, take the chilled dough and roll out 1cm thick
8. Cut out biscuits in shapes of your choice and arrange them with gaps around each on the baking tray
9. Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown, leave them on the hot tray for 10 minutes outside the oven before removing to a cooling rack.

We'd love to see your gingerbread men (or cats or stars!) please do share them with us on our social media

You can find our socials here!

International Gin Day | Basil Smash recipe

Today we celebrate International Gin Day, and if you were wondering about Tracey’s display cabinet, she uses this storage cube and some stick on LED lights!

As promised, Julia has a particular favourite cocktail recipe for Basil Smash;

50ml Green Street Gin

30ml Lemon Juice

15ml Sugar Syrup

8-10 Basil leaves


She discovered this recipe from Cambridge Distillery, a small local business located in the centre of Cambridge, that offers interactive classes and mixology lessons!

Celebrate World Food Day by optimizing your kitchen space with the Nora Navy Blue Kitchen Range!

We are a team of foodies here at Impact furniture and World Food Day is too good an opportunity to miss out on
exploring cuisines from different countries and cultures.

The most important thing for cooking as any chef will tell you is your tools; knifes and pans and chopping boards
are key but the right kitchen is even more crucial. The new Nora range offers the perfect opportunity to create a
customised kitchen that inspires your culinary adventures, it maximises storage for all the world's flavours and
looks fabulous while doing it!

Our Nora Kitchen range is designed to make the most out of every inch of your kitchen, this
collection offers innovative storage solutions without sacrificing aesthetics. So, let's dive into
how the Nora can help you maximize your kitchen space and elevate your culinary game.

A quick note first; Matthew from Customer Services is in the process of installing his own Nora
Kitchen. He has assembled two of the 600 Larder units next to each other to provide a pantry space.
He will be updating his entre kitchen on the coming weekends!

You can follow us on social media to keep updated. You can find our socials here!

  1. Tall Oven and Microwave Housing Cabinet: Maximise your countertop and floor space,
    even in the cosiest kitchens! This clever unit not only accommodates your oven and microwave
    but also provides convenient storage for every pot, pan, colander and baking tray you need to
    cook up a feast. Explore it here!
  1. Streamlined Look with Tall Larder Units: When space is in short supply, our Tall Larder
    Units in 40cm or 60cm widths come to the rescue! They're perfect for creating a pantry space,
    offering storage solutions for all your kitchen needs from blenders to cat food, to cook-books!

    The Larder units have five internal shelves, three of which can be adjusted to suit your needs.
    These units can be installed for left/right-hand mounting, so can be customised to be the perfect
    fit for your kitchen space. See your options here!
  1. Extractor Housing Cabinet: Extractor Housing Cabinets aren't just for extractors; they offer
    creative storage solutions! Don’t waste space above existing wall units or tall appliances, install
    above a breakfast table or bar to create a bespoke storage nook or use traditionally above a slimline
    extractor fan. These cabinets can also be stacked two or three high for sleek and capacious storage,
    making them ideal for longer wall runs. Check it out here!
  1. Wall Kitchen Corner Unit: Utilise those often-underutilised corner spaces with our Wall Kitchen Corner
    Unit. Designed to seamlessly fit alongside other wall units, it's an excellent addition to maximise your
    storage capacity. The unit is designed for any kitchen, having a universal door for left/right-hand mounting.
    See how it’s used here.
  1. Glass Fronted Wall Cabinet: Introduce visual interest with our Glass Fronted Wall Display Cabinet.
    The frosted glass door adds a touch of sophistication and creates a streamlined, contemporary look,
    making it perfect for displaying anything from plates, to shot glasses you’ve collected from around
    the world. Explore the cabinet here!

Incorporate these clever storage solutions and stylish design elements from the Nora Kitchen
range to create a functional and timeless kitchen that maximises your space, no matter how small
it may be. The Nora range is a stunning addition to any home, with its Navy fronts and copper
effect handles creating a subtle yet remarkable contrast.

So, this World Food Day, make your kitchen a place of inspiration for global cuisine exploration with
the Nora Navy Blue Kitchen Range. Use those clear kitchen sides and raid your spacious cupboards
for a myriad of ingredients to access your culinary potential and celebrate the diversity of flavours
from around the world.

18/09/2023 - Six Autumn Trends and how to get the look!

The summer is coming to a close and we are entering the cosiest time of the year, goodbye salad, sun hats
and light blues, hello soup, scarves and all the oranges! Now is the time to make the most of that previous
window between having a quiet home with the children back at school, and preparing for Christmas!

It is easy to update your home and tap into the autumn vibes with our simple home decor ideas;

1. Layer up fabrics, nothing says cosy like natural fibre throws and cushions – choose them in orange
or dark green and pair with neutral colours to prevent clashes and always have a blanket handy for when the
evening gets cooler.

2. Earlier nights and later mornings means more time in bed; now is the time to update your bedsides
to have plenty of stylish storage space for a bedside lamp, pile of books and steaming cup of coffee
or hot chocolate! We have a huge range of bedside cabinets available in every colour, wood effect
and combination you can ever want – need drawers, open shelves or storage – we can help!


3. Autumn is defined by its scents; cinnamon, apple, pine cones. If you want immediate smells scented
candles or incense are ideal, if you have time or want a long lasting scent look out for pot-pourri or make your

4. Autumn is a time to linger long over your dining table, talking with coffee (or something stronger) on a
darkening evening – and so now is the time to get hold off a dining table you can be proud off. The perfect
table is one which is the right size at any given time – an extending table does not take up precious space
all the time but allows you to cater with ease when you have unexpected guests.

Dining Tables

5. Bring the outside in; as the trees flame into their full spectrum of autumnal colours head out for a walk
in your favourite woodland, find fallen leafy twigs and bring them home to arrange in a vase for instant
autumn chic.

Alternatively use them with pinecones, dried oranges, evergreen or lavender sprigs for a wonderful wreath
for the door or just arrange pine cones in your favourite decorative bowl!

Pine cones gathered in Huntingdonshire and Sussex, the bowl is from the “Running Hares” collection at the Duff Gallery, Arundel,

Pine cones gathered in Huntingdonshire and Sussex, the bowl is from the “Running Hares”
collection at the Duff Gallery, Arundel,

6. Embrace the cosy on trend theme for dark block colour furniture, our luxurious Hesen range is perfect for that;
Graphite Grey and Artisan Oak light wood features. The range has soft close and scratch-resistant components
to ensure longevity while the glazed fronts and LED lights create a space perfect to display your favourite
autumn finds and family pictures.


Is Autumn your favourite season too? How do you get into the autumn vibe?

We’d love to see your autumn décor and furnishings!

* Use code AUTUMN10 to get £10 off any order placed by 23rd October 2023 ! *

26/07/2023 - Five ways to get the Coastal Living look.

Its summer and all of us are dreaming of the seaside, sparkling seas, sand castles, ice creams and a slower pace of life. You may not be able to leave by the sea but you can still bring the seaside to your home wherever you live! Here are our top five ways to get that on trend coastal living vibe:

1. Use White Furniture
White furniture is the perfect foil for a coastal living home - not only does it work beautifully with blue hues, but it is also a wonderful soothing background colour. Our Zele furniture range complements this aesthetic flawlessly with its clean lines and bright finish, exuding a sense of serenity that echoes the ocean's calming presence. Each piece from the Zele collection is carefully crafted to embody the essence of coastal living, making it the ideal choice for creating a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere in your seaside retreat.

2. Bring the Seaside In
Visit your favourite beach for a spot of beachcombing - bring home interesting driftwood, good shells and pleasing pebbles to arrange on windowsills or in display cabinets, like the ones from our Loksa range. These glass display cabinets are quintessentially Coastal Living, providing the perfect showcase for your cherished beachcombing finds, seaside trinkets, and coastal-inspired art pieces. Choose a cabinet with internal lighting from our Loksa collection to illuminate and accentuate your artefacts and curios, adding a touch of coastal charm to your living space.

Our Loksa range offers an array of elegant and functional glass display cabinets that are perfect for showcasing your beachcombing treasures and beloved coastal mementos. With these cabinets gracing your home, your heart will always feel close to the sea, even when you're relaxing indoors.

Galvanised fish from the Arundel Arts festival, hag-stones, driftwood, shells and chalk from beaches in Sussex,
Devon and the Channel Islands, Hurricane Lamp from a local charity shop, cushion from Wilkinsons.

3. Take the Seaside into your garden
Blue pots and flowers, combined with simple stone borders is a wonderful way to bring a coastal touch to any garden - take time in the garden to enjoy it with our GARDEN FURNITURE. Whether you opt for a comfortable lounging set or a charming bistro set, our garden furniture collection will turn your outdoor space into a coastal oasis where you can bask in the refreshing breeze and immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of the sea.

4. Blue Hues
Soothing blues are super for a bedroom, go with an eclectic combination of artworks, blue bedding, and throws to hit maximize seaside vibes - why not couple with a beautiful bed like our unique Porto. Our Porto bed, with its elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship, serves as the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom with its tranquil allure. Pair it with soothing blue accents, coastal-inspired artworks, and soft bedding to create a dreamy coastal haven where you can unwind and drift off to the sound of imaginary waves.

Bedframe from the British Heart Foundation, Emma Bridgewater Bedding, Art from assorted
independent artists along the South Coast and Emilia Romagna, Cushions from Etsy, Lamp from
John Lewis, the throw is handmade and the cat is called Asparagus

5. Support local artists and small business
Take a trip to a cultural quarter at your favourite seaside town to get those bespoke, hand-made pieces to make your home decor pop (and you can get some fish and chips while you are there) combine it with stunning pieces from our family-run business for maximum feel-good factor.

Reclaimed pine wall dresser cabinet, Seaside canvas by Rosanna Guile of Sark Creative,
Seaside houses from Dartmouth Art and Food Festival, Rigged Ship from a British Heart
Foundation charity shop

At Impact Furniture, we take pride in offering unique furniture and decor items that are expertly crafted, supporting small businesses and local artisans. By combining their one-of-a-kind creations with our thoughtfully curated collection, you can infuse your coastal living home with genuine personality, warmth, and a strong sense of community. So, while you enjoy the coastal charm of your decor, you'll also revel in the knowledge that you're contributing to the livelihoods of talented artists and supporting the local seaside communities you cherish.

Let us know how you get on – send your pictures over to us via Social media – we’d love to see your seaside décor!

23/06/2023 - Unleash Your Creativity: Let nature inspire your artistry and ignite your imagination!

Nature has always been an abundant source of inspiration for artists and crafters. The vivid colours, rich textures, and diverse forms offer endless possibilities for creative expression. In our fast-paced digital world, taking a moment to immerse ourselves in nature and craft with natural materials can be a revitalizing experience. Join us in this blog post as we delve into the benefits of crafting in nature, using the environment as our muse, and incorporating its elements into our creations. Step outside, embrace nature, and unlock the beauty and serenity that it holds for our artistic endeavours!

Connecting with Nature's Serenity:

Crafting amidst nature allows us to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding solace in the tranquillity of natural surroundings. The gentle rustle of leaves, the whisper of the wind, and the melodic songs of birds create a soothing ambiance that nurtures our creativity. By immersing ourselves in nature's embrace, we tap into its inherent calmness and discover renewed inspiration for our craft projects.

Drawing Inspiration from Natural Beauty:

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration, offering a diverse range of colours, patterns, and textures. Whether it's the vibrant hues of flowers, the intricate designs on leaves, or the ruggedness of tree bark, the natural world offers a limitless palette for artistic exploration. By closely observing the details and patterns in nature, we can infuse our creations with a unique and organic aesthetic. Kaylin took inspiration from the magnificent flowers that bloom around this time of year, and the amazing colour of sunsets, to create this:

Mindfulness and Presence:

Crafting in nature invites us to be fully present in the moment. Engaging in hands-on activities such as weaving, painting, or sculpting while surrounded by nature's beauty cultivates mindfulness. The rhythmic motion of our craft and the connection with natural elements enable us to let go of distractions, quiet our minds, and embrace the therapeutic benefits of the creative process. Crafting in nature not only helps quiet our minds and reduce stress but also provides an opportunity for meaningful self-expression, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Nature can inspire more than just artistry:

Time spent outdoors walking, swimming, or cycling can inspire anyone to write; the repeated movements freeing up the mind to linger on your surroundings whether that is a whole sweeping vista or a single humble honeybee. Dwell in the moment, tap into the melody of nature as you pass through it and see what poetic potential you can unlock. Matthew spends a lot of time outdoors, cycling and adventuring, he often uses nature to inspire poems like this one shared on Instagram: Get some poetry inspo here!Get some poetry inspo here!

Nature-inspired creations seamlessly blend with our living spaces and outdoor environments. Whether it's a handcrafted woven wall hanging, a painted rock garden, or a driftwood sculpture, these artistic pieces become unique and meaningful additions to our home and garden decor. By incorporating them alongside our carefully selected furniture, we create spaces that reflect our appreciation for the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship involved in each creation.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness:

Crafting with natural materials gathered from the environment promotes sustainability and reduces our ecological footprint. Rather than relying solely on synthetic or mass-produced materials, we can gather fallen leaves, twigs, stones, seashells, and other elements found in nature to incorporate into our crafts. By upcycling and repurposing these materials, we breathe new life into them and contribute to a more sustainable approach to creativity. Matthew took inspiration from his garden, using offcuts of wood to create the perfect wall hooks, that fortunately are the perfect size to hang bundles of lavender!

Immerse yourself in nature's embrace, unlock boundless inspiration, and foster a profound connection as you nurture your eco-conscious creativity. Harness the power of natural materials, draw inspiration from nature's breath-taking beauty, and seamlessly integrate your creations with the organic essence of your home and garden. By doing so, you not only infuse your life with artistic ingenuity but also cultivate a deep reverence for the remarkable world that surrounds us. Step outside, explore nature's treasure trove, and let your artistic spirit soar in perfect harmony with the magnificent tapestry of the great outdoors!

14/06/2023 - Creating a Buzz: Now the proud Sponsors of The Wildlife Trust in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire! Today we are introducing the wonders of Bug Hotels and Bee Hives!

We are proud to announce that we are now sponsors of The Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire (BCN), an organisation that works tirelessly to protect and preserve our precious natural habitats for everyone - with almost 95% of the population in the three counties living within 5 miles of one of their sites – check out your local site here: Nature Reserves | Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs & Northants (

By supporting The Wildlife Trust BCN, we not only help the environment more than we realise but also actively contribute to the conservation efforts for wildlife in our region and the mental and physical health of residents!

Bug hotels and bee hives, which we encourage you to incorporate into your outdoor spaces, are fantastic ways to support the invaluable work of pollinators and beneficial insects. Did you know that The Wildlife Trust BCN has an entire section on their website dedicated to helping pollinators and bees survive? They provide a step-by-step guide on how to make a bee hotel, allowing you to actively contribute to the well-being of these essential creatures. You can find their guide here:

Keeping bug hotels, bee hives, and similar habitats in our gardens and outdoor spaces offers a multitude of benefits. These structures serve as essential sanctuaries for beneficial insects, such as bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and solitary bees, providing them with safe nesting spaces and shelter from harsh weather conditions. By creating these habitats, we actively contribute to the conservation of pollinators, which play a vital role in the ecosystem and help to ensure the reproduction of many plant species.

Additionally, bug hotels and bee hives act as educational tools, allowing us to observe and learn about the fascinating lives of these creatures up close! Moreover, they add a charming and unique touch to our gardens, enhancing biodiversity and creating a harmonious environment where both humans and nature can thrive together. By welcoming these invaluable residents into our outdoor spaces, we become stewards of the environment, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world and inspiring others to join in creating insect-friendly habitats.

By embracing bug hotels, bee hives, and similar habitats, we not only support pollinators and beneficial insects but also become active participants in the conservation of our natural world. Our sponsorship of The Wildlife Trust BCN further solidifies our commitment to the environment and the well-being of wildlife. Together, let's create a flourishing ecosystem that nurtures both human and animal life, and let's encourage others to join us on this remarkable journey! Together, we can make a difference!

07/06/2023 - Embrace the Earth beneath Your Feet: The Joy and Benefits of Walking Barefoot!

In our modern world, where comfort and convenience often reign supreme, there is something truly magical about reconnecting with the Earth beneath our feet. Walking barefoot, once a natural part of our daily lives, has become a forgotten practice for many. However, it is time to rediscover this ancient art and embrace the countless benefits it offers. In this blog post, we will explore the joy of walking barefoot, the positive impact it has on our physical and mental well-being, and how it can enhance our connection with nature. So kick off your shoes and join us on a journey to unlock the wonders of walking barefoot!

Grounding with Nature:

Walking barefoot is a simple yet profound way to connect with nature. With each step, we experience the textures, temperatures, and energies of the Earth directly. The sensation of cool grass, warm sand, or smooth stones stimulates our senses and grounds us in the present moment. By shedding our shoes, we establish an intimate bond with the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for its beauty and tranquillity.

Enhanced Sensory Experience:

Our feet are remarkably sensitive, containing thousands of nerve endings waiting to be awakened. Walking barefoot stimulates these nerve endings, providing a richer sensory experience. We become more attuned to the subtleties of our surroundings, from the varying textures of different terrains to the gentle caress of a breeze. This heightened awareness enhances our overall perception and allows us to truly immerse ourselves in the environment around us.

Strengthening the Feet and Legs:

Modern footwear often restricts the natural movement of our feet, leading to weakened muscles and imbalances. Walking barefoot, on the other hand, encourages the development of strong and flexible feet. As we engage the muscles in our feet and lower legs to support our weight, we naturally improve our balance, posture, and overall stability. With time, walking barefoot can help alleviate foot problems, such as fallen arches or plantar fasciitis, and prevent future issues.

Natural Reflexology:

Our feet are intricately connected to various organs and systems in our body. Walking barefoot stimulates specific pressure points on the soles of our feet, which correspond to different areas of our body. This ancient practice, known as reflexology, can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and even have a positive impact on our overall well-being. By embracing barefoot walking, we can tap into the therapeutic benefits of reflexology and encourage a harmonious balance within.

Mindful and Meditative Practice:

Walking barefoot naturally invites us to be more mindful and present. As we step mindfully, focusing on each sensation and breath, we enter a state of deep awareness. The rhythmic motion of walking becomes a form of meditation, allowing our minds to quiet and our stress to dissolve. In this fast-paced world, walking barefoot provides a much-needed escape, a moment of tranquillity amidst the chaos.

Walking barefoot is not just about the physical act of placing one foot in front of the other; it is a profound way to reconnect with nature, nourish our bodies, and restore our spirits. As we embark on this journey of barefoot exploration, we open ourselves up to a world of new sensations, heightened awareness, and holistic well-being. So, kick off your shoes, join the 30 Days Wild movement, and explore the wonders of walking barefoot. And when you return home, let the beauty of nature inspire your choices in home and garden furniture, creating spaces that reflect the serenity and joy you have found through this remarkable practice. Let your feet lead the way to a more grounded and harmonious life!

1st June 2023
14 Things to do with a pallet…

Love your new kitchen but not sure what to do with the pallet that it was delivered on? Look no further!

Here are 14 ways to repurpose your pallet whether it is to hit that industrial chic décor look, build garden furniture that will last or grow your own. If you try any of these, mind nails, screws and splinters that may be sticking out from the pallet. To prevent splinters, you would always need to sand down the pallet before starting.

1. Make garden seating – ideal if you have a couple of pallets, stand one on end and attach as a backrest, paint with fence paint/stain, add some scatter cushions and your done!

To create the beautiful set up below shop our EURO pallet cushions here:

Euro Pallet Cushions

2. Make a garden table – this is even easier than a garden sofa, stack two pallets atop each other, paint or stain with outdoor paint of your choice and make a cuppa.

3. Make a vertical garden – you will need some garden pots for this one, attach your pallet to a wall/fence with suitable fixings, place long thin planters in pallet gaps or hang them from the front. Paint the pallet a bright colour to add some interest and you have a perfect place to grow all your salad, herbs or blooms.

4. Make a log store – intermediate project alert! Attach two pallets at either end of a length of thick baton front and back, add a sheet of felted board for a roof and use other boards as shelving and you will never run out of dry, seasoned firewood again.

5. Make a planter – Break your pallet down into parts, using the blocks in each corner attach the long lengths of wood to make a rectangle/square, paint or stain and when its dry plant your favourite bulbs or flowers.

6. Make a storage wall unit – Remove some of the across boards on one side, paint in a bright colour and screw straight to the wall with appropriate fixings, attach hooks to the back boards, or screw the offcuts across the top and bottom for shelving.

7. Make a vegetable bed – lay your pallet down, fill in the gaps with good quality (peat-free) compost and get planting. Plant tall vegetables like tomatoes or peas at one end to allow easy access to the middle of your bed.

8. Make a bug hotel – either stack three pallets, or else cut a pallet into three sections (you want to keep the parts with the blocks), stack and secure them together and then fill in the gaps with cut down bean canes, rounds of wood with holes drilled in, piles of kindling, pine cones, shards of terracotta pot and anything else you can think off and wait for your first visitors to check in.

9. Make a coffee table – Stack and secure two pallets, paint up in your favourite furniture paint shade and attach some heavy-duty castors for an immediate industrial chic piece.

10. Use it for garden edging – Cut your pallet down to leave the block edges, with 5cm of the boards remaining, hammer into the ground as edging and plant up the space between blocks with low pollinators (forget-me-nots, saxifrage, or creeping thyme are perfect!)

11. Make it into decking – Lots of pallets needed here! Lay out pallets to fill the space you want decked, break up additional pallets for lengths of wood to fill in the gaps, be sure to paint or stain to ensure your new decking lasts!

12. Make a compost bin – Take four pallets fill in the gaps on one side of each pallet and attach them to make a square, carry (with help!) to where you want your compost to be and then start filling in with garden cuttings, offcuts of shrubs or bushes, (uncooked) food waste, egg shells etc

The RHS have lots of advice for budding composters on their website -

13. Make a tool storage rack – Stand your pallet edge up in a shed or garage, add hooks or screws to hang small tools, stand your long tools in the open pallet top and never lose your spade again!

14. Make a pallet bed – First paint your pallets, take them upstairs and arrange them on the floor – place your mattress on top with some pallet overhanging each side and ta da!

This is only the start; Have you made anything from our list using an Impact pallet? Share your project on our social media!

Do you have any suggestions to add? We would love to hear and SEE your new ideas, just tag us or drop us an email or a message on social media.

18.05.2023 - Utilising Underbed Storage: Unlocking Space and Organization

When it comes to efficient organization and maximizing space utilisation, every inch counts. Underbed storage has emerged as a practical and advantageous solution for optimising storage capacity in our homes. By capitalizing on the often overlooked space beneath our beds, underbed storage provides a range of benefits that can transform cluttered rooms into organized havens. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of using underbed storage and how it can revolutionize the way we store our belongings.

Space Optimization:

One of the primary advantages of underbed storage is its ability to optimise space. Beds typically occupy a significant portion of a room, yet the space underneath is frequently left unused. By utilizing this valuable area, underbed storage allows for the efficient storage of various items that would otherwise clutter closets, drawers, or floor space. Whether it's seasonal clothing, bedding, shoes, or extra linens, underbed storage provides a designated space for these belongings, freeing up valuable real estate in other areas of the room.

Easy Accessibility:

Underbed storage offers the advantage of easy accessibility. With items neatly organised in drawers under the bed, retrieving them becomes a breeze. No longer will you need to rummage through crowded closets or navigate stacks of boxes to find what you need. Underbed storage puts your belongings within arm's reach, allowing for quick and convenient access whenever required.

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Nepo Beds with Drawers

Nepo Beds with Drawers

Clutter Reduction:

An organized living space promotes a sense of calm and clarity. Underbed storage aids in decluttering your surroundings by providing an effective storage solution for items that tend to accumulate and create a mess. By keeping things neatly tucked away, underbed storage reduces visual clutter and creates a cleaner and more tranquil environment.


Underbed storage is highly versatile, accommodating a wide range of storage needs. Whether you prefer using storage containers, rolling drawers, or vacuum-sealed bags, there are various options available to suit your preferences. This versatility enables you to customize the underbed storage system to fit your specific requirements, ensuring efficient and organised storage for different types of items.

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Kassel Ottoman Storage Bed


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